Who are clients

My clients have been active in the financial services sector, pharma, healthcare, or retail industry. Oftentimes, I am contracted by the local Chief Digital Officer or Chief Operations Officer. Currently, I focus on mid-sized companies, but I have extensive experience in corporate environments with global presence, too.

Who am I

I act as an end-to-end service provider for digitization projects. It starts with an idea and ends with implementation and hyper care. Having been in managing positions since 2015, I typically lead teams with 5-10 members. My experiences as a Consultant – mostly at IBM and PwC – included extended stays in Germany, the United States, Rumania, the Czech Republic, and Japan.

What is my background

After my Bachelor of Arts in Business Engineering in 2011, I obtained the Management Master of Science in 2014. In 2021, I finished my doctorate in Business Information Systems with some additional education for machine learning. Currently I am a fellow in an entrepreneurship program where I stood out against a group of several hundred applicants.

Some of my publications are available here:


Feel free to approach me for joining your podcast, panel, or interview – for topics in digital, data science and entrepreneurship.

#24 Daten in der Medizin – Anna Penninger — Navigator Podcast (in German)

…or about digital, science and art:

Growth Hacking, Data Science und Digitalisierung mit Anna Penninger und Lisa Winter | gango lose #80 – YouTube (in German)



Anna consulted to the Novartis M&A team, when Novartis engaged in a 25BN USD M&A Transaction with GSK, Eli-Lily and CSL-Behring. (…) She successfully managed workshops with a diverse set of stakeholders, set up risks and reporting procedures and as a most trustworthy advisor, was asked to be part of numerous senior management meetings. She would be a great asset to any client team that tackles a complex program and seeks to hire an independent, trustworthy individual with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Pablo N.

Partner, Board Member, former CIO

Anna has been part of my Watson/AI consulting team at IBM.  (…) This required strong entrepreneurial thinking to achieve significant business outcomes, a broad background in AI and industry expertise and strong interpersonal skills driving the interdisciplinary teams as well as managing the conflicts resulting from the transformational nature of these projects. From my point of view Anna is a real “Power-Lady”, full of energy driving outcomes, open for innovation and combining all the above skills as a role model, a gain for every team!

Annika Grosse, Avanade Partner