Looking into the future – and optimize today’s processes and strategies for tomorrow’s challenges.

Traditional markets are doing well, but you’ll have to include new targets, technology like cloud, machine learning and automation and maybe also new channels ? Starting from a high-level digital strategy up to implementation, I happy to lead the way and prepare your firm, people and processes – either as I deliver specific advice or as I accompany the doing.

Accelerating: Start to perform with partners and projects with project management support.

You need to speed up in your transition & transformation, transaction cut-over or technology POT/POC/pilot project? I am happy to support you. Be it for the scope, the timeline, the resources, a communication concept or as a manager. I know my way around vendor selection as well as contracting, requirements management, project management methods, TSA, migration, cut-over and go-live approaches.

Departure towards a new destination, yet how do you know if the journey pays off...?

Innovation is everybody’s darling, but it is not that easy to pin it down: if you do not know whether the technology is really for you, what the benefits are and what the costs might be, let’ s talk about it. I am happy to make the idea more specific, assess it, or even perform a first market assessment. I have also access to partners for an affordable and quick market assessment.